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8 services to avoid headaches with logistics !


You operate in Canada and deal with American suppliers? You’ve identified suppliers you’d like to buy from? We accompany you each step of the way, from the purchasing process, to taking care of shipping and customs clearance at the US border, all to way to your business in Canada, thus helping you save on both transportation and customs clearance costs. 


This is our order processing service, also known as ‘Pick and Pack’. Whether you are selling on Amazon, EBay or your own online store, you can use our warehousing service to store your products. We select, prepare and ship orders from your customers the same day. Our specialized handling and shipping staff prepares and ships the items for you as you sell them.
This service allows us to have your goods delivered to our warehouse, have us sort the items for each SKU code, and then let us do the shipping work when you receive an order.

We work with Canada Post Purolator, Campar, UPS, FedEx and USPS to help you choose the shipping option that best meets your needs. You can also use your own account with the carrier of your choice (there is a small fee for printing the tracking number).
We offer daily Canada-to-US transportation service to ship your US or international packages. We have warehouses both in Canada and the United States. Prices are in the currency of the country in which your inventory is located.

Every day your account is updated and shows the order number, the tracking number, handling and packing charges if necessary.


You have a package to ship internationally? We offer parcel transport services, from our warehouse on Montreal’s South shore to our American location, where the package will be taken in charge by USPS, FedEx or UPS. This process is much cheaper than by going directly through Canada Post.

Operating in the Montreal area? We pick up your domestic and international parcels and offer our discounts with our partners (Canada Post, Purolator, Fedex, UPS, Canpar and USPS). There is a charge per package for pickup. If you have multiple packages, you can consolidate them into a single package to lower your costs.

We can also send the tracking number by email and ship it yourself.


Every return we are charged with on your behalf is carefully examined. If it is in good condition for resale, then it is returned to your inventory. If it cannot be resold, you will have the choice to have it returned to you or sold on a discount website. We can also have it destroyed or donated to charity.


We can manage and store your inventory, even on pallets, and we charge you for the storage space used. Our shipping service operates daily. Be it for your online sales or sales from your store, we understand the importance of specific requests from retailers to ensure that your products reach their destination with precision and efficiency.

MYTRECO can take care of your shipment directly from our facilities. Our goal is to help you move your inventory as quickly and easily as possible.


We provide our clients with comprehensive FBA preparation services. You will find below the range of preparation services, packaging

Nous fournissons à nos clients des services complets de préparation FBA. Below you will find the range of FBA preparation, packaging and shipping services we provide to simplify your Amazon sales, as we have the facilities to do all the packing and shipping work.

We ensure that your product packaging meets the rules set by Amazon’s FBA requirements when your products arrive in their warehouses for distribution.


Do you need polymer envelopes, bubble wrap, or suffocation danger warning wrap? Then visit our shop to see our inventory and order your shipping material directly.


You want to start your own business and you have shipping and customs needs? Perhaps you have a few questions about how we can specifically help you. We invite you to contact us to benefit from our experience in shipping, inventory management, returns and follow-ups. We can help clarify what is involved in logistics; it is our specialty!